VDI Stock Market Game

This page is under construction. The first game will start soon.

We are currently working on a stock market game that will incorporate the principles and concepts of value driver theory in a fun and educational stock market investing game that is played in real-time. In addition to learning about the stock market and how investing in stocks can be done so much more effectively using value driver theory, the game will utilize the concept of crowdsourcing to generate a portfolio of companies that will be shared within the VDI Stock Market Game community for the benefit of all its members.

There will also be a socially responsible component to the game that shows that companies that do “right” for their communities and stakeholders are also good companies in which to invest. The members of the VDI Stock Market Game community will help identify companies that fall within these parameters.

If you would be interested in participating in a pilot study of the VDI Stock Market Game, please send an email to Paul Wendee at pwendee@pmwassoc.com.