Step-By-Step Instructions for Investing Using the Cassandra Stock Selection Model


Economic Review and Analysis

It is important to have an understanding of where the economy is today, where it is going, and what major factors are driving economic growth. This article discusses a simple approach to economic forecasting that can answer these questions.

Simple & Effective Econ White Paper

Track Record Study

This Hypothetical Performance Study is intended to show the nature and potential of theIntrinsic Value Style of Investment Management.  The Intrinsic Value Style of Investment Management is a long-term approach to investment, and therefore investment gains are expected to be realized over a 3 to 5 year time horizon. The results in this study are based on actual research reports that were written by Paul M. Wendee over the period 1996 through the ending date of this hypothetical performance study, August 31, 2000.  While the oldest reports were still under our optimal 5 year holding period, the High Price Gain column in the study, which has an average return of 89.51%, demonstrates the appreciation potential of picking stocks at or below their estimated intrinsic values and holding them over the long-term. Click the Track Record Study hyperlink below to view the results of this study.

Track Record Study