Part I – Overview of Value Driver Theory

Part I gives an overview of value driver theory and provides the basics for learning value driver theory.

Part I begins with the article, Steps To Value Creation. You can access this article by clicking the link below.

Steps to Value Creation

Included in Part I is the paper, A Theory of Value Drivers: A Grounded Theory Study. This paper describes value driver theory in detail and provides the rationale for using value driver theory. It is only necessary to read Chapter 5 of this paper to get the essence of value driver theory. You can access this paper by clicking the link below.

A Theory of Value Drivers: A Grounded Theory Study

The Value Creation Process Chart shows graphically how value is created. The accompanying description of the chart discusses each of the elements in the chart, their relationship to one another, and further defines how value  is created.

Value Creation Process Chart

Value Creation Process Chart Description

The Value Drivers Possibilities Frontier is an exact description of the value creation process, whereas the Value Creation Process Chart discussed above is a summary of the process. The Value drivers Possibilities Frontier is discussed at length in the paper, A Theory of Value Drivers: A Grounded Theory Study, which can be found in Part I of this workbook.

Value Drivers Possibilities Frontier

The Intrinsic Value Line (TM) is a new concept introduced by value driver theory. The following article discusses the concepts of intrinsic value, the Intrinsic Value Line (TM), and Intrinsic Value Added (TM).

Intrinsic Value and the Intrinsic Value Line

Management tools are a key part of the value creation process. They provide the essential link between the value drivers present in an organization and the creation of value in the organization. The following article discusses management tools.

Management Tools

The Chief Value Officer (CVO) is the person in the organization who is responsible for keeping the organization focused on the creation of value. This article discusses the Chief Value Officer position.

Chief Value Officer

The Value Driver Flowchart provides another way of understanding the value creation process using value drivers and management tools.

VD Flowchart