The first variation of this new concept in eBooks was the publication of Book #2 – Think Strategically, Think Value (the “Handbook”) in the year 2011. At the time Book #2 was written, I coined the term, Dynamic eBooks, and described them this way:

The workbook [Book #2] is a work-in-progress. It is substantially completed, yet it is intended that it will never be absolutely complete – as the author intends that new material will be continually added and old material continually revised. This is a dynamic workbook (in an eBook format) in the sense that it is online, has downloadable parts, and is continuously revised.

Since that time, six additional books, including Book #7, have been written using this new concept in eBooks. With each new book in the series, new innovations have been added to the concept. It is intended that the new innovations that will be added to this new eBook concept will continue indefinitely (or maybe infinitely!).