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ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Eye Opening Statistics for Phone App Developers

Many of the young entrepreneurs that I encounter, particularly those in university business incubator programs, are expending enormous amounts of resources – both in time and money – on developing phone apps. While this is an exciting, and often times, … Continue reading

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NOTES FROM THE FIELD: What’s So Negative (or Positive!) About Negative Interest Rates?

With most of the world’s economies in the doldrums, the central banks of many countries have instituted, or are considering instituting, a policy of negative interest rates. Even Fed chief Janet Yellen, of the US Federal Reserve, has said that … Continue reading

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High yield bonds, also known as junk bonds, may be priced attractively enough at current levels to qualify as what we call a Special Situation. Junk bonds are the debt of companies that are less strong from a financial standpoint … Continue reading

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NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Original “Review and Outlook” Issues Added

The Review and Outlook was published by Dr. Paul M. Wendee for a short period of time at a national investment banking firm some years ago. In many respects, the Review and Outlook was the predecessor to the Intrinsic Value … Continue reading

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