Part X – Convertibles List

Convertible securities include financial instruments such as convertible bonds, convertible preferred stocks, and warrants. Convertible securities can be converted into common stock at the holder’s option. Because of the convertibility feature, these “hybrid” securities reflect movements in both stock prices and interest rates.

To learn more about convertible securities, there are many excellent articles and books on the subject. One reference that we have found particularly helpful is: Knecht, L. and McCowin, M. (1989). Valuing Convertible Securities. In Fabozzi, F. (Ed), Advances & Innovations in the Bond and Mortgage Markets (pp. 97-116). Chicago: Probus.

Periodically, we choose a convertible security to highlight in this newsletter. The stocks underlying the  convertibles we review are ranked by the Cassandra Model in the same manner as other stocks in our Cassandra Stock Selection Model Candidate List.  You can find our highlighted convertible securities by clicking the link below:

Convertibles List