We are pleased to provide you with the first print edition of the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report. Click on IVWR Newsletter to access the report.

The Intrinsic Value Wealth Report has been published since February 2012 as an online newsletter. However, it was not the first publication with a focus on identifying great companies; with excellent growth prospects; and that could be acquired at reasonable or even value prices. The predecessor publication to the Intrinsic Value Wealth Report, which also had this important investment focus, was an investment newsletter I published for an investment banking firm in the early 2000s. This newsletter was called Review and Outlook. The first edition of the Review and Outlook was published in May 2001.

Take a look at the Inside This Issue section on the left side of this page. We have included many of the things that we find useful as investors; and believe that you will find useful as well. Click on IVWR Newsletter to access the report.

We hope you enjoy this new print format. Send us an email and let us know what you think about this new format and how we can make improvements.

Click on IVWR Newsletter to access the report.

All the best,

Dr. Paul M. Wendee

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