INVESTMENTS: Billionaire Portfolio Released


The Cassandra Billionaire Hedge Fund Stock Selection Model is a listing of portfolio holdings held by some of the top hedge fund managers in the world. We have taken this listing of hedge fund holdings and run it through the Cassandra Stock Selection Model. We believe we can add significant value by viewing these holdings through the lens of our proprietary model which seeks to find companies to invest in that are: (1) good companies; (2) that are growing; and, (3) for which we are paying a reasonable or better price.

The Cassandra Stock Selection Model spreadsheet and notes for this Investing with the Billionaires section can be accessed through the link, Cassandra Billionaire Hedge Fund Stock Selection Model. A good way to think about this spreadsheet is that it is a list of pre-screened and ranked stocks that are in raw data form and can be “mined” by the user of the research.

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