Argosy’s Dr. Paul Wendee Teaches Financial Classes to Tohono O’odham Nation

The following press release was distributed nationally to EDMC’s educational network:

Ryan Smith – Media Relations Specialist    8/12/2015

Dr. Paul Wendee from the Graduate School of Business and Management at Argosy University, Orange County, traveled to Southwest Arizona to offer classes in financial statements to members of the Tohono O’odham Nation, a Native American tribal nation headquartered in Arizona. He conducted his classes as an outreach project of the Value Driver Institute and Research and Educational Expedition Programs (VDI/REEP). Dr. Wendee chairs the Graduate School of Business and Management at the Orange campus.

VDI/REEP is a non-profit organization that Dr. Wendee founded. Its mission is to conduct research on enterprise value driver theory and the enterprise value creation process and to take the business incubator concept to places in the world where business incubators are not commonly found, but where they are needed the most. The Value Driver Institute and Dr. Wendee have introduced the business incubator concept to many groups and individuals on a world-wide basis

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