NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Focus, Concentration, Boldness, and Thinking Beyond the Problem

Focus, concentration, boldness, and thinking beyond the problem. These are four critical factors for a successful business strategy. A useful analogy for how this works can be found in the martial arts. Martial artists can do seemingly amazing things, like breaking concrete blocks with their bare hands. But with proper training and the correct mental attitude, anyone can accomplish this feat. The secret to breaking concrete blocks is to think about an inch or so beyond the target. Most people, including many black belts, have trouble at first breaking the concrete blocks because they are afraid of breaking their hands. Accordingly, their minds, and therefore their hands, stop short of the target (hands do, in fact, get broken this way!). Once they learn to focus, concentrate, and project through the target, they are able to break the concrete blocks without injury. It is the same in business – you need to think beyond the problem and think well into the future. In short, to effectively carry out your business strategy, don’t stop short of your target; focus and concentrate on your strategy and avoid distractions; don’t worry about getting hurt; and go boldly forward!

Viewpoint: There are “three types of ‘opinions’ – thoughtful, thoughtless, emotional” – Humphrey B. Neill

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