NOTES FROM THE FIELD: While Los Angeles Sleeps

LOS ANGELES – As I left the Kyoto Grand Hotel and Gardens in Los Angeles, California earlier in the week and very early in the morning, Los Angeles was sleeping. It was eerily quiet, giving me time to reflect on the value drivers that influence each of the businesses I drove past. People devote countless hours to putting helpful value drivers in place for their enterprises. But, there are also unintended negative value drivers that are present for every enterprise. Regardless of whether they are intentional and planned, or unintentional, value drivers are always in place and always working for or against the enterprise.

One of the propositions in the Theory of Value Drivers states that value drivers [are] always in operation. According to the Theory of Value Drivers (Wendee, 2011):

“All value drivers that affect a particular enterprise are at all times operating on the   value of the enterprise through the DCF [discounted cash flow] model. If the managers of an enterprise are explicitly considering the effects of a particular value driver on the enterprise’s value, that value driver is operating in the foreground. If the managers of an enterprise do not recognize a particular value driver or are not at the present time considering the effect of a particular value driver on value, that value driver is operating in the background but is still affecting the value of the enterprise, whether recognized or not” (p. 149).

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While Los Angeles and cities around the world sleep, value drivers are continually in the background working for or against organizations. The key is to understand what value drivers are present and to manage them so that the good value drivers help the organization and the bad value drivers are eliminated or contained.

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Dr. Paul M. Wendee, DBA, CFP®, CBI


Wendee, P. M. (2011). A theory of value drivers: A grounded theory study. Phoenix, AZ: University of Phoenix.

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