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This page is under construction. The first game will start soon.

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Here is how to sign up for and play the VDI Stock Market Game:

1.  The entry fee for the game is a $10 donation to the Value Driver Institute. To learn more about the Value Driver Institute and its mission and projects, click on this Value Driver Institute link. Click VDI Donation to register for the game.

2.  Take the Value Driver Company Survey. This is where we get your thoughts on the important value drivers – regular value drivers and socially responsible value drivers – for companies that you will invest in for the game and that will be shared within the VDI Stock Market Game investment community. Click January Survey to take the January 2014 survey; click February Survey to take the February 2014 survey. Note: If you haven’t selected a company yet, or you don’t have value drivers to insert into the survey boxes, just put “none” in the box. You can go back to the survey at any time as you add companies to your portfolio or think of additional value drivers to add.

3.  Read the VDI Stock Market Game rules by clicking on rules (at the current time, there are no rules – just have fun!!).

4.  Play the game. After you have made the $10 donation to the Value Driver Institute and taken the short Value Driver Company Survey, you will find the login and password information on the last page of the survey. Enjoy the game!

5.  Invite a friend to play the game. The more competition, the more fun everyone will have and the more valuable information on the value drivers driving value in enterprises we, as a community, will get.

6.  You can purchase a VDI Stock Market Game coffee mug (you can put your favorite beverage in the mug, not just coffee). Click Coffee Mug to purchase your VDI Stock Market Game coffee mug. The proceeds above the cost of the mug will be sent as a donation (sorry, due to IRS restrictions, this part is not tax-deductible) to the Value Driver Institute. The mugs are not currently available, but will be available in the near future.

7.  Please contact us at 949-218-7942 or if you should have any questions or need assistance signing up for the game.

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